Installing Mailing List Manager a.k.a Mailman on Ubuntu 6.06

Mailman Logo

Recently I Installed a mailing list manager on my mailserver. I use GNU’s mailman. It’s straightforward and simple and they have a web-based administration. I’m following this tutorial from

But unfortunately, this tutorial has some error in configuration. After a long search finally I found that, the line at /etc/mailman/ should be MTA = None. But in the tutorial is MTA = Postfix.

The configuration error is not quickly found, because the mailing list is running as usual. I found this error on this situation.

My server is postfix and using virtual mail. I have a mailbox called Then I create a lists called Everytime I send an email to, postfix try to deliver the email to mailman. And whoops, its error!

After changing MTA to None, this error dissapear.

Update #1:
I change the ┬áMTA to None on Thank God it’s wiki, a collaborated pages. So I can change the error.

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