Installing OpenBSD 4.7 in Ubuntu KVM-84

OpenBSD Logo
OpenBSD Logo

Hello all,

This time I need to play with OpenBSD, because I want to learn some software that doesn’t exist in Linux. It’s combination of spamd, relaydb and pf. The purpose of this, I want to get rid of spam as many as I could. Of course, with minimal efforts (cpu cycles, bandwidth, etc).

Installing OpenBSD is easy, you can follow some guidance by here. After the install is finish, you will encounter another problem. Where’s the login prompt? Lucky you, on tutorial, there’s also a tutorial how to get in the login prompt. It’s a problem with some kernel config, I don’t understand too much right now. Just follow the white rabbit. 😀

Ta..da.. Now you’re ready to rock in ksh!

Update 14 Aug 2010:
After installation is success, you have another problem a head. The network interface card of KVM is very slow. After a little googling, no solution right now. Because spamd, relaydb and pf already ported to FreeBSD since 5.x, I’m switching to FreeBSD. The tutorial is here. Happy FreeBSDing..

By the way, This is the tutorial I want to achive, from

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  • thanks for the information, i never build server with openbsd, but my friend tell me, thats the powerfull Os for the server. 😀

  • budiwijaya

    Dear wawoets,

    OpenBSD is very powerfull OS for networking devices. Yes, I’m newbie in OpenBSD. With docs and man pages, we can learn and become gurus too..

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    Will come back here!

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