Working with three timezone

Working in a company with a client in another timezone is a challenge. I’ve scheduled a migration of a service from one of my clients and miss schedule!

The results of the meeting we decided to migrate on Tuesday at 22:00 with timezone PST. And on the day Tuesday at 12 pm WIB, so I was ready to migrate client service. After I’ve been waiting for, the client is not online, it turns out Tuesday at 12 pm WIB is equal to Monday 10 pm PST.

So the correct time is Wednesday at 12 pm WIB. So here’s a tips. Put your clients timezone on your computer. Here’s a screenshot of 3 timezone on my office computer.

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Cara memainkan Game Android di Mac OS/X

Pertama silahkan download Sun Java for Mac OS X 10.06 Update 6 di sini[1]. Untuk instalasi tinggal di double klik file disk image, kemudian akan muncul sebuah file .pkg, file tersebut juga tinggal di double klik maka Java akan terinstall.

Selanjutnya kita install Android SDK. Download Android SDK di sini[2]. Android SDK cukup kita extract saja, misal kita extract di /Users/budiw/Downloads/android-sdk.

Setelah Android SDK terinstall, kita download terlebih dahulu image android platform. Caranya kita buka terminal/console. Kemudian kita ketik perintah-perintah dibawah ini.

$cd /Users/budiw/Downloads/android-sdk

Kita tinggal centang Android versi berapa yang mau diinstall. Karena game yang akan dimainkan ‘katanya’ jalan di Android 2.3.3, maka saya centang yang Android 2.3.3 (API 10).

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