Book Review: GNOME 3 Application Development Beginner’s Guide


This time I’ll write about my book review. Titled GNOME 3 Application Development Beginner’s Guide.

Chapter I

This chapter you’re expected able to make an ideal environment to learn GNOME.
Equipped with a step-by-step details for 2 major linux distro. Namely .deb and .rpm.

Chapter II

Still learning about the preparation for learning GNOME. But in this chapter you will learn to use an integrated IDE, how to compile a program and learn how to make an error and how to solved it!

Chapter III

Start simple. seed. The CLI version of JavaScript compiler. Afterwards you’ll learn about data types, loops, array manipulation, OOP. Once you are proficient in the seed, continue Vala.

Chapter IV

This chapter discuss about GNOME Core Libraries. Well it’s all about GNOME inside out.

Chapter V

The time for GUI. Let’s get acquainted with GTK+ and clutter.

Chapter VI

Widgets in GNOME.

Chapter VII

Get ready to rock and roll with GNOME Multimedia things.

Chapter VIII

This chapter discuss about using DATA within GNOME. We learn about TreeView widgets and using EDS (Evolution Data Server) to save the data.

Chapter IX

HTML 5 is the Future. Learn how easy to code HTML 5 in GNOME.

Chapter X

Integrating our application with GNOME Desktop. Here we discuss about some of the function in GNOME Desktop.

Chapter XI

This chapter we discuss about How we can make our application go international by making it available for another language than english.

Chapter XII

In every great software, there’s a great Quality Control. Here we discuss about unit testing, the standard procedure for testing our code.

Chapter XIII

The final chapter, here we create two great project using our experience from previous chapter.


I have to admit, this book is very detailed. From setting up our equipment to make the program and to find bugs from our program. Even from the beginning of the introduction we are told to make an error so we can know how to handle errors.

This book is titled Beginner’s Guide. But the reader should at least be able to program and are familiar with the basics of linux.

The book is friendly to linux users are using .rpm or .deb. The tutorial comes with two such distributions.

Oh, one more thing, I love the pop quiz. It’s make me try to remember what I’ve read.

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